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KyungkI Kim got a faculty position at University of Houston. Congratulations! | 06-7-2016

New members | 07-14-2016

Four new Ph.D. students joine RICAL in Fall 2016: Sean Kim, Shaojun Ma, Jisoo Park, and Xiaoyu Yang,

Outreach Activity | 05-20-2015
Dr. Cho and Yihai Fang gave research seminars and technology demonstrations at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China

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Welcome to Robotics & Intelligent Construction Automation Lab (R.I.C.A.L.)

The Robotics & Intelligent Construction Automation Lab is directed by Dr. Yong K. Cho, associate professor of the School of Civil and Environmental Enginering at Georgia Institute of Technology. The lab is located in Room 214 of Bunger-Henry Building, and is equipped with hybrid 3D LiDAR system, mobile robots, infrared camera, RFID and bluetooth sensors, Oculus Rift, and smart board. Main research interests are in the area of construction automation, data acquisition system design, real-time monitoring of the built environment, building information modeling (BIM), sustainable energy, construction safty and training, and roadway construction and maintenance.