What’s New

Research Collaboration | 08-01-2014
Research collaboration agreement with Advanced Construction Technology Lab at Chung-Ang University signed on Jul. 1st.
Outreach Activity | 07-24-2014
RICAL group gave research seminar about sensing technology to summer K-12 STEM camp.
Field Test | 06-19-2014
RICAL group did proximity test with GDOT crew.

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Welcome to Robotics & Intelligent Construction Automation Lab (R.I.C.A.L.)

The Robotics & Intelligent Construction Automation Lab is directed by Dr. Yong K. Cho, associate professor of the School of Civil and Environmental Enginering at Georgia Institute of Technology. The lab is located in Room 214 of Bunger-Henry Building, and is equipped with hybrid 3D LiDAR system, mobile robots, infrared camera, RFID and bluetooth sensors, Oculus Rift, and smart board. Main research interests are in the area of construction automation, data acquisition system design, real-time monitoring of the built environment, building information modeling (BIM), sustainable energy, construction safty and training, and roadway construction and maintenance.

  • Proximity Test with GDOT
  • Proximity Test with
  • Crack Cleaning Device Test with GDOT District 7
  • Dr. Cho gave research seminar to graduate students from College of Architecture
  • Dr. Cho in ICCEPM 2013-2
  • Construction equipment recognition and registration
  • Construction equipment recognition and registration-Point Cloud
  • Data collection on jobsite
  • Data collection on jobsite (Chao Wang)
  • Thermal point cloud of the scanned jobsite-view1
  • Thermal point cloud of the scanned jobsite-view2
  • Thermal point cloud of the scanned jobsite-view3
  • Thermal point cloud of the scanned jobsite-view4
  • Lab members with Dr. Carl Haas at CRC 2012 at Purdue Univ.
  • Demonstration at Omaha Public Power District
  • ZNETH: Zero Net Energy Test House
  • As-is BIM of ZNETH recognized from point cloud
  • Building components recognition from unorganized point cloud
  • Thermal point cloud of ZNETH
  • GIS-based thermal point cloud visualization
  • Street scan
  • Thermal point cloud of scanned neighborhood-bird eye's view
  • Thermal point cloud of scanned neighborhood-view2
  • Lab members in ASC Annual International Conference
  • System test with mobile robot
  • Data collection on jobsite-1
  • Data collection on jobsite-2
  • Thermal scan test with building
  • Lab members in ICSDC 2011
  • Training DOT staff on how to operate our advanced crack cleaning device
  • Field demonstration at Nebraska Department of Road
  • Demonstration on cutting concrete with our advanced crack cleaning device
  • Field test with DOT maintenance people
  • Demonstration at Iowa County Engineers Conference
  • Lab demonstration to Ph.D. students participating Ph.D. Symposium
  • 3D model made by 3D printer
  • Thaddaeus Bode with smart board
  • Field test with nuclear and non-nuclear gauage
  • Data collection
  • Soil density test at jobsite
  • Taking infrared image with a handheld IR camera
  • Field test
  • Field test-2
  • Autonomous mobile robot
  • Dr. Cho is operating a mobile robot
  • Data collection with LADAR system - Prototype I
  • Data visualization