Courses Taught by Dr. Cho

Georgia Institute of Technology
CEE 4100 Construction Engineering and Management, Spring 2014
CEE 4101 Construction Seminar
CEE 4120 Construciton Operation
CEE 6140 Advanced Planning and Estimating
CEE 8810 CII Best Practices

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1. Construction Drawing, Freshman
2. Construction Communication, Freshman
3. Construction Economics, Sophomore
4. Construction Methods and Equipment I, Junior/Senior
5. Construction Methods and Equipment II, Junior/Senior
6. Introduction to BIM, Senior/Graduate
7. Virtual Design and Construction , Senior/Graduate

Korea University
Construction Automation, Graduate

University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1. Industry Production Drafting, Sophomore
2. Construction Materials and Graphics, Sophomore
3. Specialized Drafting Practices, Senior
4. Construction Procedures, Junior
5. Commercial Building Planning and Construction Techniques, Senior
6. Research Methodology, Graduate