Opening Positions

Graduate Research Assistant positions with full financial support are available in Spring or Fall 2015 (or later until filled) in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at GaTech. Visiting Ph.D. students are welcomed as well.
The admitted students will pursue Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering with a special focus on construction engineering. The students are expected to work with Dr. Cho in the general field of data sensing, 3D LADAR control for robotic construction operation, Rapid 3D Built Environment Modeling, Building Information Modeling, and sustainable energy in built environment. The selected students will be able to involve in multiple external projects funded by NSF, State DOT, and TRB.

Ph.D. in Robotics Instiute: Students admitted to other engineering programs at Georgia Tech (Mechanincal engineering, interactive computing, electrical and computer engineering ) can also join the RICAL group under Dr. Cho's supervision. See more details about the Ph.D. program in Robotics Institute at Contact Dr. Cho if you are interested in pursuing Ph.D. study at the Robotics Institute.

Minimum Requirements:
1) B.S. in engineering or related fields, other general admission requirements of GaTech please refer this link.
2) Proficient with one of the following programming languages: (visual) C++, Java, C, C#, Swift, or Object C.
3) Good oral / writing skills in English and good communication skill.

Desirable Qualifications:
1) M.S. in Engineering or related fields.
2) Tier 1 journal paper publication(s).
3) Experiences related to one or more of the following areas:

  • Electronic Design & Prototyping, Custom Firmware and Board Design
  • Hardware system design(Mechanical Engineering Majors)
  • Mobile robot: design & prototyping, autonomous navigation, path planning, IMU, SLAM (ME, EE, or CS majors)
  • UAV: design & prototyping, indoor/outdoor navigation, data collection, IMU
  • Building energy monitoring and management (mechanical system)
  • Mobile app programming (Apple, Android)

Please send your latest CV to Dr. Cho or lab members if you are interested in joining our research group.