Federal and External Funding (on-going)

  1. Hybrid site sensing and human-multi-robot team collaboration for disaster relief at nuclear power plants, Dept. of Defense (DOD), 4/21/2017-4/20/2020, PI: Cho, Co-PI: Ueda
  2. Advanced Blind Lift Safety Using Crane Motion Sensors and Real-time Visualization, Chevron Energy Technology Company, 12/15/2015-12/31/ 2018, PI.
  3. A Low-Cost Mobile Proximity Warning System in Highway Work Zone Safety, NCHRP-187, 11/20/2015-11/20/2017, PI.
  4. Improving work zone safety utilizing a new mobile proximity sensing technology,CPWR, 5/15/2016-8/14/2017, PI.
  5. Hybrid 3D Unstructured Workspace Modeling, NSF- CAREER Award (# CMMI-1358176), 7/1/2011-6/30/2017, PI.
  6. UAV Mobile Mapping System development for as-built structure information modeling, C2L GIS Ltd, 1/26/2016-2/15/2017, PI.
  7. Building Information Model (BIM)-Driven Real-Time Mobile Asset Tracking System for Construction Safety, NSF(I-Corps), Award #: IIP-1513589, 12/1/2014-05/31/2016, PI.
  8. Equipment-Worker Proximity Sensing and Equipment Blind Spot Measurement, Chevron Energy Technology Company, Richmond, CA., 3/1/2014-8/14/2015, PI(invited).
  9. Using Near Miss Reporting to Enhance Safety Performance, Construction Industry Institute (CII), Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX, 3/1/ 2014-11/30/2014, PI(invited).
  10. Advanced Cleaning Device to Remove Debris and Chemicals for Crack/Joint Sealing, NCHRP –TRB (IDEA)-Type II, 2/15/2012-5/31/2013, PI.
  11. Virtual Interactive Construction Education (VICE-Bridge), NSF (TUES)-Type I, 5/1/52011-4/30/2013, Co-PI.
  12. Building Energy Efficient Homes for America (BEEHA), Department of Energy-National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), 9/1/2010-5/31/2012, Co-PI, negotiable
  13. Controls for Net-Zero Energy Buildings, Department of Energy (DOE), 10/1/2009-10/31/2011, PI: Li, Co-PI: Cho
  14. Cleaning mechanism to remove debris and chemicals for crack/joint sealing, NCHRP –TRB (IDEA)-Type I, 1/1/2010-3/31/2011, PI.
  15. Rapid Prototype Modeling for Scaled Steel Building Construction Site, Downey Safety Consulting, 5/6/2010-5/31/2010, PI.
  16. Preliminary research for construction mobile robot path planning, Korea University, 7/30/2008-9/30/2008, PI.
  17. Universities Rebuilding America Partnerships-New Orleans, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 3/8/2006-3/7/2008, Co-PI.
  18. Development of laser-based local position system for construction automation applications, Layman Fund Award, 2006-2007, PI.
  19. Human-Assisted Rapid Environmental Modeling for Construction Equipment Operations, NSF, 7/1/2000-6/30/2002, GRA, (Written based on Cho's dissertation topic).

States and Internal Funding (on-going)

  1. Assessment of Construction Points for Grade Control and Reference in 3D, Georgia Dept. of Transportation, 8/01/2016-01/31/19, PI.
  2. Investigation and Guidelines for Mass Concrete Construction Thermal Management, Georgia Dept. of Transportation, 7/31/2016-04/30/19, PI: Cho, Co-PIs: Kahn, Gentry, Brown
  3. Samrt and Connected Building System: automatic indoor events recognition and diagonosis, Digital Building Lab (DBL). 1/1/2018-12/31/2018. PI.
  4. Automated Building Element Recognition from Unstructured Point Cloud using Semi-supervised Machine Learning, Digital Building Lab (DBL). 1/1/2017-12/31/2017. PI.
  5. Active Work Zone Safety Using Emerging Technologies (Phase 2 - Modification 2), Georgia Dept. of Transportation, 5/06/2016-10/15/17, PI.
  6. Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention by Robotic Constrain-as-Needed Exoskeleton (CANE) for Construction Workers, IRIM. 8/29/2016-6/30/2017, PI: Cho, Co-PI:Ueda
  7. Effectiveness of a Pneumatic Crack Routing Device-Phase II, Nebraska Dept. of Roads (NDOR), 5/1/2015-2/28/2017, PI (GT).
  8. BIM-integrated Wireless Localization Technology for Construction Management and Communication, Design Build Laboratory (DBL), 8/1/2014-12/31/2016, PI.
  9. Active Work Zone Safety Using Emerging Technologies (Phase 2 - Modification 1), Georgia Dept. of Transportation, 7/31/2015-05/15/16, PI.
  10. Active Work Zone Safety using Emerging Technologies-Phase 2, Georgia Dept. of Transportation, 3/1/2014-2.14 2015, PI (invited).
  11. Effectiveness Study of UNL’s Pneumatic Crack/Joint Preparation Device, Nebraska Dept. of Roads (NDOR), 7/1/2012-3/31/2014, PI.
  12. Waste-to-Energy and Biomass Utilization Technologies, UNL, 2011-2012, Co-PI.
  13. Wireless enabled Mobile Robot Development for Construction Applications, UCARE (Undergraduate research), 2011-2012 PI.
  14. Effectiveness study for temporary pavement marking removal, Nebraska Dept. of Roads (NDOR), 7/1/2010-6/30/2011, PI.
  15. MATC Intern Award, Mid-America Transportation Center(MATC), 2010-2010, PI.
  16. Efficient Use of Non-nuclear gauges for HMA and Soil tests, Nebraska Dept. of Roads (NDOR), 7/1/09-12/31/10, PI.
  17. Zero Net Energy Building Science Research Cluster, Nebraska Research Initiatives (NRI), 4/1/2009-5/30/2011,
  18. Infrared Themography-driven flaw detection and evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavements, Nebraska Dept. of Roads (NDOR), 7/1/2007-1/31/2010, PI.
  19. Remote Assessment of New Bridge Systems Using Smart Wireless Sensors, Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI)-UNL, 2006-2007, PI: Li, Co-PI: Cho
  20. Laser-based position guidance to develop efficient control programming for construction material handling robots, Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2004-2005, PI.
  21. Rapid Registration of 3-D CAM Models by Optimized Manual Guidance for Automated Construction Equipment, Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2003-2004, PI.

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